The other side of email database


Being informed is truly something we should strive for. However, the kind of information we long for should be efficient in every way. The same case applies to the sector of the platforms we use. This time the spotlight is on the email. It has been taken for granted for long. This will not take place any longer as we are prepared to give it the slot it deserves. This age of email marketing is not about to go into extinction. Instead, it shall be elevated into a new status which shall be embraced by all the interested parties. Needless to say that it’s almost impossible to work without email. It has made major contributions to the world of business. Read on to figure out how much time we have to also chip in. This is a legacy left to us.

The many faces of email functions

2There is more to emails than we could ever imagine. These are not the ordinary emails we were used to operating back in the day. So many features have been included to make our work easier. Talk about a thorough face lift to this all important strategy. We call it a strategy because many businessmen look to it for the purpose of development. Improvement is also another option for those looking to embrace it. Not to mention the fact that the newest side of the email function is quite convenient.

Technology’s contribution to the email database

It would be an understatement to say that technology has played a major role. It is the very reason we get to enjoy all these features. Its contributions have managed to achieve milestones in most businesses. It doesn’t end there as so much is yet to come to existence. Its latest has to be the one that got every tongue wagging. It opened doors for all the upcoming business strategies in different levels. Email database is slowly gaining popularity with its all too immediate surprises.

Value information more

We began by mentioning how important information is especially when it comes to email databases. This is not just put up for the sake of it. It holds a deeper meaning to the various networking sites. Those that have used it for long can attest to this fact and see the underlying importance. However, the importance of the information lies in the content. Not every information is vital or holds a higher level of importance.

Importance to the recipients

3Email databases and marketing have been in the news times without number. Anyone benefiting from its services is totally satisfied with the outcome. The recipients finally have something to write home about. This is no tiny feat but should be given credit for its hefty contributions.
Another thing about the email database is its convenience in business. After having gone through all the targets and services, we are assured of plenty more perks. The best is indeed yet to come. The users of the email database have so much to look forward to this time round. Technology is a continuous process which is not slowing down any time soon.…

An Insightful Guide On Making Smart Contracts Smarter


Briefly introduced are smart contracts and what makes them attractive. In addition, Etherparty | Making Smart Contracts Smarter gives a glimpse as to how their vulnerabilities when deducted can be used to secure them better in the future.

A smart contract

dfggfhgfhfghfghgfIn definition, smart contracts can be identified by their unique address – a 160-bit identifier. A smart contract is evoked when sending a cryptocurrency payment to a certain contact address. Once a new transaction gets accepted by the blockchain, it gets a new recipient contact address. From here all the parties on the mining network transaction execute this contract code using the current state of blockchain and their transaction payloads during input. Your network then participates in a consensus pool as it determines the next states output.

In Ethereum, specially created transaction contracts are introduced to the blockchain. A contract in the real sense is an Ethereum Virtual Machine byte-code function that gets incorporated into the blockchain as the transaction is being created. You can have the contract written in higher level language as it is compiled as an EVM bytecode. The contract functions offer private storage on the blockchain and can store a certain amount of virtual Ether coins. The area of private storage can be initialized when running a constructor. This means subsequent transactions invoke the anonymous function when transactions are relayed to a certain contract address.

What are the vulnerabilities of the smart contract?

We have debunked that the smart contracts are vulnerable to attacks due to their high-value aspect. Additionally, they possess some features that any experienced software guru should consider keenly. One, they operate in anonymous networks where they do not have to request for permission to run. Any participant can join them. Secondly, callers or miners have a great deal of control over the environments in which their transactions are executed.

This covers which transactions are best for execution and which transcripts are best for accepting, ordering, setting up time stamps and manipulating call stacks. Finally, all the vulnerabilities mentioned above can punish anyone who is unable to navigate their way right at the onset. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism for patching a smart contract regardless of how much money it contains.

Things to consider

gfhfghfghfghgfhIt’s possible to design or upgrade your smart code contract as all contract can call each other. However, the original bytecode used by the contract remains immutable forever. The vulnerabilities can be simply summed up into time stamp dependence, reentrancy vulnerability, transaction-ordering dependence and mishandled exceptions.

Miners are capable of controlling the order in which transactions get executed. This means that certain contracts are influenced by users in that they might not match the contract at the time the transaction is executed if another transaction updates it.

How protect smart contracts?

The best proposal forward is to allow a guard clause that does an evaluation before your transaction is executed. If evaluation comes out false, the transaction does not get executed. With this information, you can come up with your own concurrency scheme.…

Advantages of using fiber cables

A fiber cable is used to send data by pulses of light. They are usually covered with plastic. The plastic is meant to shield the cable from any kind of cold, heat or other forms of wiring and also the highly harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. They are very effective for faster data transmission than any other commonly utilized wires such as copper wires, the reason being that the cables have a higher bandwidth. Below are some advantages of using fiber cables:

Power loss is less and helpful


This is one of the major factors of optic fibers. They have a considerable amount of less power loss, and this really helps in longer transmission distances which are an essential function of these cables. When we compare the transmission distance measurement when it comes to copper, the distance is 100m, and whereas when it comes to the other options being discussed about fiber, their transmission distance rises to a whopping 200m.So you can see the range between the two transmission distances and how the less power loss offers the benefit of longer transmission.


Size of the optic fibers wins over the copper wires again

Once more a comparison is carried out between the two cables of distinct materials, this time concerning the size of the two. When measuring the capacity, it is seen that the optic fiber cable has 4.5 times as much capacity as the wire cable is established to have. It has also been noted that the cross sectional area is 30 times less. When it comes to the size, we find out that the wire with a bigger cross sectional area and size easily beats the one with a lesser margin.

Security should be the first priority

fghcvghghvvhOf course, when it comes to wires, you should be a step ahead in terms of security. Optical fibers are once again the preferred choice in this case because they are hard to tap. Because they have the benefit of not radiating electromagnetic energy, it is not possible to intercept the emissions. As you require a much-crafted skill in the tapping step of the fiber especially if your agenda is to do it physically, this fiber is said to be the safest and secured medium to utilize when it comes to the transmission processes of the data. So there you have it, the information provided above provides some of the major advantages of the optic fiber cables and why you should prefer it to copper wires.…

Fourth generation network

With new technology coming up on mobile networks and communication there are also numerous new concerns. Like what is this improvement for? And what are the benefits to be gained from using this improved networks? The birth of 4G wireless network in markets, as well as several other new networks, has inevitably led people to ask questions, therefore, it is important that you understand what fourth generation network is to decide whether or not this is the service you would like to sign up for.

Download speeds


The advancements in data transmission speeds represent possibly the most important aspect of fourth generation technology this feature will convince you of how effective this network is. The fact is that with a fourth generation network a user gets download speeds on their wireless device that exceed 10Mbps, this is the kind of speeds which have not been enjoyed by common internet users, this are the kinds of data transfer speeds that not even many DSL/fiber optic consumers can gain access to from their workplace. But with the unveiling of fourth generation network, these types of data transfer speeds are just but beginning to pick up the pace, and they will soon be transferring data at speeds exceeding 20 or even 30 Mbps.


Coverage area

Your location determines to a huge level the effectiveness of your wireless service. Nevertheless, fourth generation network providers are already underway addressing this problem by broadening network coverage areas expanding faster than seen before in the wireless industry. With the help of excellent modern transmission technologies like WiMax, wireless network coverage areas are geographically broader than they were before the unveiling of fourth generation network programs, in the coming years most countries will have a wide coverage of fourth generation mobile networks.

Cost saving

fcbvgbncfcvbnMost homes, as well as offices, have been connected with fourth generation mobile network, thus consolidating your mobile and internet options into one bill hence saving some money in the process. Network quality and data transfer speeds are remarkable and affordable, as already discussed above, the benefits of 4Gnetwork are impressive, and the reasons to utilize this technology is quite appealing and plain to see. Fourth generation network is the ideal high-speed internet solution for you if you happen to be having a hard time trying to get a cable provider to connect a network line for your needs.…

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