Syrian Revolution Daily Round-up: Wed. 24-Oct-12

Genocides continue as regime ponders UN-proposed truce

Massive explosion caused by an airstrike on the Damascus suburb of Hamouriya today  

Today's Top Stories
  • Lakhdar Brahimi said the Assad government agreed to a four-day cease-fire while the opposition fighters took different positions.
  • The opposition announced the Ghouta district of Damascus province a “disaster area” as regime forces continued their daily massacres that left more than 78 people dead.
  • Regime’s airstrikes destroy a mosque and kill scores of people in the suburbs of Idlib.
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Today's Statistics
  • Number of areas shelled: +89
  • Civilians Death Toll: 147 including 16 children, 12 women and 2 under torture (Damascus and Suburbs: 78, Idlib: 29 Aleppo: 12, Homs: 7, Hama: 6, Daraa: 5, Deir Azzour: 4, Raqa: 3, Qunaitera: 1, Latakia: 1, Hasaka: 1)
  • Regime Soldiers Death Toll: 50 (Raqa: 16, Idlib: 13, Aleppo: 12, Damascus and Suburbs: 7, Deir Azzour: 2)
  • Number of People Wounded: +80
  • Number of People Detained: +40
  • Free Syrian Army key operations:
    • Attacked a number of military checkpoints in the neighborhoods of Hajar Aswad, Qabun, Barzeh and Tadmon in Damascus.
    • Attacked a number of military checkpoints in the city of Raqa and its provincial towns of Tabaqa and Solouq.
    • Attacked a number of military checkpoints near the Aleppo international Airport as well as the Taftanaz military airport in Aleppo.
    • Destroyed a number of military tanks as they repelled the regime’s ground assault on the Damascus suburbs of Harasta, Erbin and Ain Tarma.
    • Destroyed a military tank in the Homs suburb of Talkalakh.
    • Seized control of the Seijar military checkpoint in the suburb of Idlib.

Summary of Events
The international mediator Lakhdar Brahimi said that the Assad government agreed to a cease-fire during the four-day Muslim Holdiday of Eid al-Adha. Short after Brahimi spoke to the press in Egypt, the Syrian government appeared to contradict him, saying that its military command was still studying the truce proposal and that an official statement on this regard will be issued tomorrow.
Rebels took different positions from the truce, the rebel FSA announced its agreement while the al-Nusra Front said that its group will not play what it called “nasty games”.
Regime forces killed more than 147 people and wounded 80 others across the country as they resumed shelling residential areas and carried out summary executions against unarmed civilians.
The Ghouta district, the biggest part of Damascus suburbs has been declared as “disaster area” by the Syrian Revolution Coordinators Union as regime forces continued their genocide and sectarian cleansing. The Union renewed its call for an immediate international intervention in order to save the lives of the remaining civilians.
Regime forces killed more than 78 people including eight women and seven children in the suburbs of Damascus. Some 44 were killed in the suburb of Douma of which 30 people were killed “execution style” by knives and gunfire. More than 20 others were also killed in the town of Harasta which was subjected to heavy aerial, mortar and tanks shelling for the fifth consecutive day. Regime forces also executed three more people in the town of Artouz while dozen more were killed and many more were injured due to the indiscriminate shelling in the towns of Erbin, Zamalka, Moadamiya and the eastern Ghouta district.
Regime warplanes increased their airstrikes on residential areas in the suburbs of Idlib, killing as many as 29 people including four women and five children. An airstrike targeting a mosque in the town of Ma’arrat Noman left four clerics dead and 15 others critically wounded. Similar airstrikes that targeted residential areas left ten people dead in the town of Kafrouma and six others in the town of Ma’arshourin.
A woman and two children were killed due the fierce tanks shelling in the village of Hawash in the Sahl al-Ghab district of Hama province. Meanwhile, five people were killed due to the heavy shelling in the Daraa suburb of Kahil, including three children
Regime forces also shelled the neighbourhoods of Qadam, Asaly, Tadmon and Qabun in Damascs in addition to 31 different areas in Homs province amid a suffocating siege that continued to endanger the lives of more than 800 families. They also shelled more than 18 different areas in Aleppo province in addition to many other areas in the provinces of Deir Azzour, Hama, Latakia and Raqa, leaving scores of people dead and dozens more wounded. They also carried arson, looting and arbitrary arrests forcing hundreds of people to leave their homes.
Heavy battles broke out between rebel fighters and regime forces across the country, leaving at least 50 army soldiers dead, most of them were killed in the provinces of Raqa, Aleppo and Idlib. More than 45 rebel fighters were also killed, most of them were killed in Aleppo city and Damascus suburbs.

Revolution Statistics
Syrians killed: 40,673
Children killed: 3,129
Females killed: 3,315
Soldiers killed: 3,850
Protestors killed under torture: 1170
Missing: +76,000
Protestors currently incarcerated:+216,000
Syrian refugees since March: +354,239
Refugees in Turkey: +100,363
Refugees in Lebanon: +101,283
Refugees in Jordan: +105,166
Refugees in Iraq: +41,955

Refugees in North Africa: +5,562

Internationl Reactions
US not supplying Stinger missiles to Syrian rebels: Pentagon
UN Security Council endorses Syrian holiday truce
Clinton says Syria may exploit instability in Lebanon
Russia: Syrian rebels have US-made weapons
Lavrov: Syria’s Assad under siege

Selected Media Coverage
Asharq Alawsat: Syria: Enough evasions!
Asharq Alawsat: Eid without ceasefire; ceasefire without Eid
Asharq Alawsat: Will the Wissam Hassan assassination topple al-Assad?
Voice of America: Kurds the Key for Syrian Opposition
CNN: Turkey's 'inkblot' test
American Thinker: Will the US Take On the Russians to Take Out Assad?

Upcoming Events
November 2-4: India
SRCC Director to discuss the Syrian revolution at Think 2012 conference
November 13: London, UK
SRCC Director to speak at a seminar titled “The Crisis in Syria: Is There a Way Out?” 


Armed Resistance
Idlib: A group of battalions unite under the Military Council led by Colonel Mustafa Kurdi
Harasta, Damascus Suburb: Rebel fighters repel the regime’s ground Assault, P2
Aleppo: Heavy clashes continue, P2
Bait Fares, Latakia Suburb: Rebel fighters fire mortar shells on regime forces
Tadamon: The devastating aftermath of the heavy shelling and detonation of residential areas
Sarouja: Demonstration in solidity with the rebel fighters
Qadam: The devastating aftermath of the heavy shelling
Damascus Suburbs
Harasta: Scores of people die, including children due to the indiscriminate shelling,P2P3
Zamalka: Clouds of smoke billow from the town due to the fierce shelling
Erbin: MIG fighter jet bombards the town
Hamouriya: MIG fighter jet bombards the town
Zabadani: Clouds of smoke billow from the town due to the fierce shelling
Sakhour: Activists collect the unexploded ordnances
Tariq al-Bab: Lifeless body of fallen hero Husain Boqdash
Aleppo Suburbs
Minbej: Demonstration in solidarity with the areas under attack
Izaz: Funeral procession of Lifeless of fallen hero Omar Derbaleh
Abzemo: Lifeless body of fallen hero Ammar Mansour
Khan Asal: Regime forces bombard the town
Talbiseh: Funeral procession of fallen hero Abdul-Naser Radwan
Rastan: A child severely injured due to the indiscriminate shelling, P2
Ghanto: Regime’s heavy artillery bombards the town
Old Homs: Clouds of smoke billow from the city due to the fierce shelling
Qusour: Funeral procession of fallen hero Yazan Asfar
Bosra: The devastating aftermath of the fierce and indiscriminate shelling
Central Daraa: Lifeless body of fallen hero Iyas Qutayfan
Kashef: Student demonstration in solidarity with the fallen heroes
Kahil: Children die due to the fierce shelling, P2
Aleppo Road: Demonstration chants support or the areas under attack
Aleppo Road: Students on strike in condemnation of the regime’s crimes
Kafarnbouda: Funeral procession of fallen hero Mahmoud Rahal
Bab Qably: Demonstrators protest the regimes’ crimes and demand its downfall
Qusour: Severe shortage in bread supplies as a part of the collective punishment by the regime
Ma’arrat Noman: Airstrike destroys a mosque and leaves many people dead and more injured, P2
Ma’arshourin: The devastating aftermath of the indiscriminate shelling
Ma’arshamsha: The devastating aftermath of the indiscriminate shelling
Talmans: Regime forces use cluster bombs against civilians
Ma’arrat Masrin: A child critically injured as a result of the indiscriminate shelling
Deir Azzour
Husainiya: Regime forces bombard the town
Mohasan: Regime forces bombard the town
Central City: Lifeless body of fallen hero Mahmoud Mahmoud
Demonstrations Abroad
Egypt: The Global Solidarity Day for the Syrian People
France: The Global Solidarity Day for the Syrian People
Britain: The Global Solidarity Day for the Syrian People
Canada: The Global Solidarity Day for the Syrian People
Holland: The Global Solidarity Day for the Syrian People


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