Syrian Revolution Daily Round-up: Sun. 3-Mar-13

More than 100 regime soldiers killed as fighting escalates
A rebel fighter lines up bodies of dead regime soldiers after storming one of their positions in Homs
Today's Top Stories
  • Regime forces launched major attacks on Latakia and Homs as Hezbollah amasses troops on the Syrian border.
  • Rebel fighters make significant victories in Raqa, Qunaitera and Daraa; more than 110 regime soldiers killed across the country.
  • US dollar sets new record high against the Syrian pound.
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Today's Statistics
  • Total Death Toll: 262
  • Opposition Death Toll: 154 including 12 women, 5 children and 97 rebel fighters (Damascus and Suburbs: 44 , Daraa: 24, Aleppo: 23, Homs: 18, Lataia: 11, Hama: 11, Idlib: 11, Deir Azzour: 10, Raqa: 2)
  • Regime Soldiers  & Militiamen Death Toll: +110
  • Number of areas shelled: +370
  • Number of People Wounded: +60
  • Number of People Detained: +8
  • FSA Key Operations:
    • Shot down a helicopter gunship in the suburb of Latakia.
    • Stormed the central prison and the Safyan oil field in Raqa.
    • Stormed a checkpoint in the Daraa suburb of Ma’arya.
    • Stormed a mortar base in the Qunaitra suburb of Jomla.

Summary of Events

Activists reported the highest number of deaths among the rebels and regime forces since the Syrian revolution turned into an armed one some six months after its inception. More than 262 people were killed today across the country. Regime forces and loyalist militiamen killed at least 154 people, including 12 women, five children and 96 rebel fighters, whereas the rebels killed more than 110 soldiers and militiamen.
Regime forces comprised of more than 4000 troops, equipped with dozens of military tanks and armored vehicles, launched a major offensive on the rebel-held Turcoman and Kurds Mountains in the suburb of Latakia where they faced fierce resistance by the rebels, leading to the death of dozens from both sides. Meanwhile, the rebels shot down a helicopter gunship above the village of Zarkaa of the Rabea district, making it the first warplane to be shot down in Latakia.
An FSA commander accused Hezbollah of amassing troops in the Syrian villages it occupies on Syria-Lebanon border, in preparation for a major offensive it plans in coordination with the Syrian regime where its forces in turn began a major attack on the besieged neighborhoods of the old city of Homs.
Meanwhile, regime forces continued their attacks on opposition-held areas across the country, shelling more than 370 locations, eight of which were pounded with fighter jets while three others were hit by Scud-type missiles, one of which landed in the Aleppo suburb of Minbej following a visit by the president of the Syrian National Coalition, Moath al-Khatib for the first time.
More than 44 people were killed in Damascus and its suburbs, the majority of whom died as a result of the indiscriminate shelling in the neighborhoods of Jobar and Hajar Aswad and in the provincial towns of Douma, Adra, Ghazal and Hejeira. Some nine people were also killed as a result of the indiscriminate shelling in the district of Salhiya of Deir Azzour city while three men from one family were executed in the Hama suburb of Tal Mileh and three more corpses were pulled out from the Queiq River in the neighborhood of Bustan Qaser in Aleppo city.
The rebels fired a number of mortar shells and locally-made missiles on regime positions in the Omayyad square in the heart of Damascus including the army general command headquarters. They also shelled the offices of the Free Zone owned by Rami Makhlouf, Assad’s cousin. They advanced on the Abbasids Square front where they overran several buildings. Meanwhile, the rebels repelled another major onslaught on the provincial town of Daraya after destroying several military vehicles and leaving many regime soldiers dead and wounded.
The rebel forces became less than a kilometer away from the city center of Raqa after they stormed several checkpoints across the city today. They also began an all-out offensive to take over the Tabaqa airbase after storming a nearby oil field and a checkpoint, just hours after they took over the central prison of Raqa and freed hundreds of detainees.
In the south, the rebels killed and injured dozens of regime soldiers as they stormed a mortar base in the town of Jomla near the border with the occupied Golan Heights in the province of Qunaitra. They also stormed a checkpoint in the Daraa suburb of Ma’ariya and killed the Head of Military Police Colonel Daniel Aneid.
The US dollar set new heights against the Syrian pound according to the foreign exchange bulletin issued by the Central Bank of Syria which set its selling price at 83.00 SYP and the buying price at 82.51.

Revolution Statistics
Syrians killed: +70,553
Children killed: +4,850
Females killed: +3,869
Soldiers killed: +8,129
Protesters killed under torture: +1,550
Missing: +60,000
Protesters currently incarcerated: +200,000
Syrians injured: +137,000
Syrian refugees since March: +953,310
Refugees in Turkey: +184,585
Refugees in Lebanon: +325,873
Refugees in Jordan: +306,356
Refugees in Iraq: +102,829
Refugees in Egypt: +20,292

International Reactions
Hague: Giving arms to Syrian rebels cannot be ruled out
GCC countries slam world inaction on Syria and Iran's 'interference'
Iraq shuts border post after Syrian rebels seize frontier

Selected Media Coverage
The Independent: Alawite history reveals the complexities of Syria that West does not understand
Aljazeera: What is Hezbollah's role in Syria?
Asharq Alawsat: Maliki is Sincere but Wrong
The Guardian: There are no 'good' or 'bad' civilians in Syria – we must help all who need aid
Philadelphia Inquirer: In Kerry's 'big' Syria offer, a proposal woefully lacking
NPR: Election In Aleppo Could Show Syria A Way Forward

Armed Resistance
Damascus: Rebel fighters fire missiles at the army general command headquarters
Aleppo: Rebel fighters seize control of the police academy after many regime soldiers, P2
Daraa: Rebel fighters storm a checkpoint in the town of Ma’arya and detain a number of soldiers, P2
Jobar: Regime warplane bombards the neighborhood
Qaboun: The devastating aftermath of the heavy shelling
Asali: A child critically injured after been shot by a sniper
Hajar Aswad: Regime shelling causes several casualties
Damascus Suburb
Ayn Tarma: Regime shelling leaves many people dead and wounded
Hamouriya: The devastating aftermath of the rocket shelling
Beit Sahem: The devastating aftermath of the heavy shelling
Darayya: The town comes under heavy shelling
Haydariya: Regime forces bombard the neighborhood
Old City: A building set ablaze as a result of the indiscriminate shelling, P2
Marja: The devastating aftermath of the intense aerial bombardments
Seif Adawla: Bodies scattered around the area after been targeted by snipers
Sakhour: Funeral procession of a rebel fighter
Aleppo suburb
Minbej: Huge crater made by a Scud missile
Khan Asal: A mosque extensively damaged due to the indiscriminate shelling
Tal Refaat: A civilian shot dead by a sniper
Hayan: The devastating aftermath of the indiscriminate shelling
Central City: Regime shelling wreaks havoc on the city
Khalidiya: Massive explosions caused by the violent shelling and clashes
Asaliya: Clouds of smoke billow from the village as a result of the indiscriminate shelling
Rastan: Regime shelling casuses seveal casualties among civilians
Ghanto: Regime warplane bombards the town
Tafas: Dozens of people get injured due to the heavy shelling
Daraa Balad: The aftermath of the intense artillery shelling
Shajara: A rebel fighter killed by regime forces
Helfaya: Lifeless body of a rebel fighter
Kafrenbouda: The daily shelling renewed
Jinan: The village comes under heavy shelling
Aqrab: A man got his head ripped off after been hit by a tank shell
Aleppo Road: Protesters chant their support for the areas under attack
Kafertakharim: Funeral procession of a rebel fighter
Ma’arret Nouman: The town turned into ruins
Kafrouma: The aftermath of the indiscriminate shelling
Keleli: Funeral procession of a rebel fighter
Deir Azzour
Qouriya: Funeral procession of a rebel fighter
Hawiqa: The daily aerial bombardments continue
Central City: The devastating aftermath of the violent shelling
Mouhasan: Lifeless body of a rebel fighter killed by regime forces
Salma: Regime warplanes bombard the area
Demonstrations and Activities Abroad
USA: George Mason University – Flash Mob by Muslims without Borders to expose the crimes of the Syrian regime

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