Syrian Revolution Daily Round-up: Mon. 4-Mar-13

 Rebels seize control of Raqa city and detain its mayor

Protesters destroy the statue of Hafez al-Assad in Raqa's main city today
Today's Top Stories
  • The northern city of Raqa was announced the first major city to fall to the opposition forces since the start of the uprising two years ago.
  • Rebel fighters stormed parts of Minnegh airbase and scored advances in Damascus and its suburbs.
  • Regime airstrike killed more 30 people in Raqa city.
Today's Top Videos
  • Raqqa: Rebel fighters take over the city and capture high-ranking officials, P2
  • Raqqa: Regime airstrike targets the city’s main square and leaves dozens of people dead and wounded, P2
  • Latakia: Leaked video footage shows regime forces brutally torturing a detainee
Today's Statistics
  • Total Death Toll: 244
  • Opposition Death Toll: 149 including 13 children, 8 women and 42 rebel fighters (Damascus and Suburbs: 40, Raqa: 35, Aleppo: 25, Daraa: 12, Idlib: 10, Hama: 6, Latakia: 1, Deir Azzour: 1)
  • Regime Soldiers  & Militiamen Death Toll: +95
  • Number of areas shelled: +370
  • Number of People Wounded: +70
  • Number of People Detained: +7
  • FSA Key Operations:
    • Seized control of Raqa city.
    • Stormed parts of Minnegh airbase.
    • Stormed a checkpoint in the Damascus suburb of Zabadani.
    • Destroyed 2 military tanks and several military vehicles.
Summary of Events

Rebel fighters seized control of the provincial city of Raqa in the north of the country after overrunning all its security and military positions and detaining its mayor and the head of branch of the ruler al-Baath party as well as the head of state security branch. The rebels destroyed the statue of former president Hafez al-Assad and tore down the largest picture of Bashar al-Assad in the city’s main square. Raqa is the first major city to be captured by the rebels since they took up arms against the Assad regime more than 18 months ago.
The rebels continued their attacks on the base of the army’s 17th division and al-Tabaqa airbase, the latest regime bastions in the province of Raqa.
In Aleppo, the rebels killed and detained dozens of troops as they carried out sweeps in the town of Khan Asal which recently fell to them. They also stormed parts of the Minnegh airbase where they destroyed its control town and several military vehicles. They bombed the Asan Bridge which is used by the regime to send military reinforcements from Aleppo to Aleppo’s international airport and the Nerab airbase.
In Damascus, the rebels stormed tow checkpoints in the neighborhood of Tishrin and continued to close in on the strategic square of Abbasids near the eastern neighborhood of Jobar. They destroyed the Ayn Ramleh checkpoint just outside the rebel-held town of Zabadani and attacked another in the regime-held town of Kisweh. The rebels destroyed tow military tanks and left many regime soldiers dead and wounded during clashes with regime forces that erupted in the suburbs of Daraya, Sbeneh, Bibila, Zamalka, Adra, Bait Sahem and several other towns in the East Ghouta district.
The rebels continued to repel a major offensive by regime forces backed by Hezbollah fighters on the old city of Homs as heavy fighting also continued on several fronts in Daraa, Deir Azzour, Hama, Qunaitra, Idlib and Hasaka.
Unidentified armed men from Syria have carried out an ambush in western Iraq killing 50 Syrian soldiers and nine Iraqi guards, the Iraqi defense ministry said today. The Syrian soldiers fled into Iraq after losing the Yaroubiya border post to the rebels last week.
More than 24 people were killed today across the country. Regime forces and loyalist militiamen killed at least 149 people, including 12 children, eight women and 42 rebel fighters, whereas the rebels killed more than 95 soldiers and militiamen.
Regime forces continued their attacks on opposition-held areas across the country, shelling more than 395 locations, five of which were pounded with fighter jets while one more was hit by Scud-type missile.
Regime forces retaliated for losing the city of Raqa and carried an airstrike on its main square where people gathered to welcome the rebels leaving at least 30 people dead and dozens more wounded.
More than 30 people were killed in Damascus and its suburbs as a result of the indiscriminate shelling in the neighborhoods of Jobar, Dahadeel and Qaboun and in the provincial towns of Bibila, Irbin, Bait Sahem and Douma.
Regime shelling also left at least seven more people dead in the neighborhoods of Ferdous and Maghayer Shabiya in Aleppo and in its provincial town of Naqarin, six more in the neighborhoods of Khaldiya and Jab Jandali in Homs and in the village of Deir al-Foul in its suburb and two others in the Daraa suburb of Sheikh Meskeen.
The Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade Imad Aseel said that the Syrian government increased the price of gasoline by 10.00 SYP from 55.00 SYP to 65.00 SYP per liter. 
Revolution Statistics
Syrians killed: +70,797
Children killed: +4,863
Females killed: +3,877
Soldiers killed: +8,171
Protesters killed under torture: +1,550
Missing: +60,000
Protesters currently incarcerated: +200,000
Syrians injured: +137,000
Syrian refugees since March: +975,337
Refugees in Turkey: +184,585
Refugees in Lebanon: +327,896
Refugees in Jordan: +316,863
Refugees in Iraq: +105,326
Refugees in Egypt: +20,405

International Reactions
US and Saudi send warnings to Iran and Syria
Israel warns it cannot "stand idle" as Syria war spills over border

Selected Media Coverage
Huffington Post: From Syria to Alberta: The UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child
Foreign Policy: Jihadi forum issues white paper on struggle ahead in Syria
CBC: No endgame in sight for Syria's civil war
Global Post: Syria: From IT to rebel commander
Al-Monitor: John Kerry's Syria File
Armed Resistance
Harasta, Damascus Suburb: Rebel fighters kill and injure many regime soldiers as they renew their attack on the military vehicles department
Aleppo Suburb: Rebel fighters bombard the Minnegh airbase  
Qaboun: Regime sniper fires indiscriminate on pedestrians
Jobar: The devastating aftermath of the indiscriminate shelling
Yarmouk Camp: The aftermath of an airstrike that targeted the neighborhood
Baramkeh: Demonstration in the heart of the capital chants for the rebels fighters and demands the overthrow of the regime
Damascus Suburb
Douma: Regime shelling leaves many people dead and wounded, P2
Zebdeen: Funeral procession of a fallen hero killed by the indiscriminate shelling
Bibila: Dozens killed and injured as a result of the indiscriminate shelling, P2, P3
Aqraba: Mass destruction caused by the regime’s indiscriminate shelling
Moadamiyat al-Sham: Regime forces bombard the town
Ameriya: The devastating aftermath of the indiscriminate aerial bombardments
Bani Zeid: Clouds of smoke billow from the neighborhood due to the heavy shelling
Fardos: Many people die and more get injured due to the indiscriminate shelling
Sukkari: Regime shelling causes extensive material damage and causes casualties among civilians
Aleppo suburb
Tal Refaat: A rebel fighter killed during clashes with regime forces
Rastan: Regime shelling causes casualties among civilians
Bab Houd: A rebel fighter killed during clashes with regime forces
Dar Kabira: Residents pull out more bodies from the Orontes River
Waer: General strike in solidarity with the besieged city of Homs
Waer: Protesters chant their support for the areas under attack
Daraa Balad: Regime military tanks bombard the houses
Nuayma: Funeral procession of a rebel fighter killed during clashes with regime forces
Kherbet Ghazala: Clouds of smoke billow from the town as a result of the indiscriminate shelling
Aleppo Road: Protesters hail the victorious people of Raqa
Kernaz: The devastating aftermath of the indiscriminate shelling
Talamans: Regime shelling targets the town’s mosques
Zardana: Funeral procession of a rebel fighter
Ihsem: Regime shelling targets a residential building stirring panic among civilians
Deir Azzour
Central City: A rebel fighter killed during clashes with regime forces
Mayadeen: Funeral procession of one the fallen heroes who died as a result of the indiscriminate shelling
Tayana: Lifeless body of a rebel fighter killed during clashes with regime forces
Demonstrations and Activities Abroad
USA: George Mason University – Flash Mob by Muslims without Borders to expose the crimes of the Syrian regime

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