Syrian Revolution Daily Round-up: Tues. 5-Mar-13

Regime steps up attacks on Raqa and Homs, fighting escalates near Damascus
Smoke billows from the Khalid Bin Waleed mosque after been shelled by regime forces today - Homs
Today's Top Stories
  • Dozens killed and injured due to unprecedented shelling in Homs and Raqa.
  • Rebels killed and injured dozens of regime forces in Damascus and Homs.
  • Syrian parliament approved the US1 billon credit facility agreement between Syria and Iran
Today's Top Videos
  • Damascus: Rebel fighters destroy a number of military tanks, P2
  • Aleppo Suburb: Rebel fighter shoots down a helicopter gunship using anti-aircraft missile
  • Homs: Regime intense shelling leaves many people dead and wounded, P2
Today's Statistics
  • Total Death Toll: 162
  • Opposition Death Toll: 106 including 10 children, 3 women and 28 rebel fighters (Damascus and Suburbs: 34, Raqa: 19, Aleppo: 18, Daraa: 13, Idlib: 6, Hama: 4, Latakia: 1, Deir Azzour: 1)
  • Regime Soldiers  & Militiamen Death Toll: +56
  • Number of areas shelled: +406
  • Number of People Wounded: +60
  • Number of People Detained: +5
  • FSA Key Operations:
    • Destroyed seven military tanks in the suburbs of Damascus.
    • Stormed two checkpoints near the Hama suburb of Hilfaya.
    • Stormed several villages in the Aleppo suburb of Sfeera.

Summary of Events

The escalating violence in Syria left more than 162 people dead today across the country. Regime forces and loyalist militiamen killed at least 106 people, including ten children, three women and 28 rebel fighters, whereas the rebels killed more than 56 soldiers and militiamen.
Regime forces continued their attacks on opposition-held areas across the country, shelling more than 406 locations, 12 of which were pounded by fighter jets while four more were shelled by Scud-type missiles.
Activists accused the regime of using poisonous gas in the districts of Daraa al-Balad and Mahatta in the city of Daraa in a bid to push the rebel out of the city following a series of advances they scored recently. Meanwhile, at least two civilians were killed and many others were injured when regime forces shelled a bakery in the Daraa suburb of Sheikh Meskin.
Regime forces backed by Hezbollah militiamen intensified their attacks on the rebels’ positions in Homs and its suburbs, leaving at least six people dead and dozens more wounded in the village of Deir al-Foul. Their rockets targeted the mosque of Khalid Bin Waleed in the neighborhood of Khaldiya, causing partial damage to the mosque and leaving more than five people dead and many more wounded.
As the rebels continued to storm more regime positions in the city of Raqa, regime warplanes carried out more than 30 airstrikes on the city leaving at least 20 civilians and rebel fighters dead.
In Damascus, at least ten people, including women and children, were killed as a result of the intense artillery and rocket shelling in the provincial towns of Hamouriya, Sbeneh and Bibila. Meanwhile, some four civilians were shot dead by sniper fire in the neighborhood of Qaboun.
Some seven more bodies were pulled out of the Queiq River near the Sindiyana Bridge in Aleppo city while three unidentified bodies were discovered in the neighborhoods of Maidan and Bustan Basha.
Heavy fighting between the rebels and regime forces continued on various fronts across the country. The rebels who are now less than 200 meters away from the strategic square of Abbasids, east of Damascus, bombarded the “Eighth of March Tower” where regime snipers are stationed and renewed their attacks on the Kamal Mashrqa tanks base in the nearby district of Zablatani.
The rebels destroyed at least seven military tanks and killed dozens of regime soldiers near the Damascus suburbs of Daraya, Ayn Tarma and Ghasoula. Fighting spread into the mainly Christian town of Ma’loula, just few kilometers away from the base of the army’s 155th Brigade where Scud-type missiles are being fired on daily basis.
The rebels shot down a helicopter gunship using surface-to-air missile above the Nerab airbase in the eastern suburb of Aleppo and stormed several villages in the nearby town of Sfeera. They also destroyed the checkpoints of Madajen and Kofor between the Hama suburbs of Taybat Imam and Helfaya. They also repelled a major offensive on the old city of Homs and the neighborhoods of Khaldiya and Jouret Shiyah by the joint Assad-Hezbollah forces, killing and injuring dozens of them.
The Syrian parliament approved the US$1 billion credit facility agreement signed between Commercial Bank of Syria and Export Development Bank of Iran in January. The agreement includes the facilitation of importing Iranian-made goods and products into Syria and the execution of various projects worth of US$1 billion dollar.


Revolution Statistics
Syrians killed: +70,999
Children killed: +4,874
Females killed: +3,880
Soldiers killed: +8,199
Protesters killed under torture: +1,550
Missing: +60,000
Protesters currently incarcerated: +200,000
Syrians injured: +137,000
Syrian refugees since March: +975,337
Refugees in Turkey: +184,585
Refugees in Lebanon: +327,896
Refugees in Jordan: +316,863
Refugees in Iraq: +105,326
Refugees in Egypt: +20,405

International Reactions
Kerry: US confident in arms-vetting for Syrians
European Commission Grants €30m to Lebanon to Deal with ...
Russia denounces killing of Syrian soldiers in Iraq
Jordan for 'inclusive' transition in Syria
Qatari PM labels Syrian President Assad 'terrorist'   

Selected Media Coverage
Asharq Alawsat: Assad’s Latest Lie: “The Last Bastion of Secularism”
Aljazeera: Syria: Talks or a fight to the end?
Huffington Post: Two Years of Civil War in Syria, and What About the Future?
Christian Science Monitor: Syria's violence continues its march across borders, into Iraq
FRANCE 24: Syria: Underage fighters on the frontline
Telegraph: Why Obama might be changing his mind on Syria
Global Post: In Lebanon, a proxy battle for Syria
Time: Syria's Many Militias: Inside the Chaos of the Anti-Assad Rebellion
Voice of America: VOA Finds Evidence of Syrian Cluster Bomb Use

Armed Resistance
Daraa: Rebel fighters detain a number of soldiers and bomb a military tank, P2
Raqqa: Rebel fighters show the central prison of Raqa
Jobar: Buildings set ablaze as a result of the indiscriminate shelling
Damascus Suburb
Sbeineh: Indiscriminate shelling leaves many people dead and wound
Hamouriya: Regime shells target a school stirring panic among students
Saqba: Regime airstrikes leave many people dead and wounded, P2
Jesreen: the devastating aftermath of heavy shelling
Yabroud: Scud-type missile passes overhead
Darayya: Regime tanks try to enter the town
Old City: Fighting and shelling causes damage to the Omayyad mosque
Maasaraniya: Buildings turned into rubble as a result of the indiscriminate shelling
Maidan: Regime snipers target innocent civilians
Bustan Qasr: Five bodies pulled out of the Queiq River
Aleppo suburb
Minbej: A charity organization delivers aid to the town
Safsafa: Regime tanks positioned near the castle bombard the rebel-held areas
Old City: Residents flee the city as shelling intensifies
Waer: Demonstration against the brutal crackdown on the Homs
Dar Kabira: More bodies pulled out of the Orontes River
Maarbah: The town comes under heavy shelling
Daraa Balad: Residents sift through the rubble searching for bodies trapped under the rubble
Sanamein: Funeral procession of a female fallen hero killed by the indiscriminate shelling
Tseel: Clouds of smoke billow from the town due to the indiscriminate shelling
Aloppo Road: Protesters chant support for the rebel fighters
Kafrenbouda: Livestock perished as a result of the indiscriminate shelling
Dmainah: Clouds of smoke billow form the village as a result of the indiscriminate shelling
Kansafra: A rebel fighter killed during clashes with regime forces
Kafrnabel: Protesters chant for freedom and demand the overthrow of the regime
Sermin, Idlib: Regime shelling leaves many people dead and wounded, P2, P3
Deir Azzour
Mayadeen: Demonstration in solidarity with areas under attack
Tayana: Funeral procession of a rebel fighter
Central City: Refugees pour into the city arriving from Raqa
Zgheir Shamiya: A family mourns its son killed during clashes with regime forces
Central City: Mass exodus caused by the intense aerial bombardments
Demonstrations and Activities Abroad
USA: George Mason University – Flash Mob by Muslims without Borders to expose the crimes of the Syrian regime

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