Syrian Revolution Daily Round-up: Wed. 6-Mar-13

Rebels blast several army checkpoints, military campaigns continue on Raqa and Homs
Residents and firemen try to put out a fire in a building that was targeted by an airstrike in Raqa city today
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  • Regime intense shelling left dozens of people dead and wounded in Raqa, Homs, Idlib and Damascus.
  • Dozens of soldiers killed and injured as rebel fighters blasted nine military checkpoints across the country.
  • The number of Syrian refugees topped the one million mark.
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Today's Statistics
  • Total Death Toll: 206
  • Opposition Death Toll: 156 including 14 children, 13 women and 58 rebel fighters (Damascus and Suburbs: 34, Idlib: 30, Homs: 27, Raqa: 27, Aleppo: 16, Deir Azzour: 7, Latakia: 4, Hasaka:  4, Daraa: 3, Hama: 3, Qunaitra: 1)
  • Regime Soldiers  & Militiamen Death Toll: +50
  • Number of areas shelled: +440
  • Number of People Wounded: +60
  • Number of People Detained: +30
  • FSA Key Operations:
    • Blasted 9 military checkpoints across the country.
    • Shot down a fighter jet in southern suburb of Idlib.

Summary of Events

Regime forces continued their major offensive on Raqa and Homs as rebel fighters in turn, stepped up their use of car and IED bombs to target military checkpoints and buildings across the country.
Regime forces intensified their attacks on opposition-held areas across the country, shelling more than 440 locations, 30 of which were pounded by fighter jets and three more were shelled by Scud-type missiles. They also bombarded other locations using all sorts of heavy weaponry such as rocket launchers, heavy artillery, thermobaric, cluster, phosphorus and TNT bombs, thus causing extensive material damages and leaving dozens of people dead and wounded.
The continued violence in Syria left more than 206 people dead today. Regime forces and loyalist militiamen killed at least 156 people, including 14 children, 13 women and 58 rebel fighters, whereas the rebels killed more than 50 soldiers and militiamen.
As the rebels stormed the latest regime bastions of the military and state security branches in the liberated city of Raqa, regime warplanes launched dozens of airstrikes on the city, leaving at least 20 people dead and dozens more wounded. Activists also said that tow Scud-type missiles landed in Raqa overnight.
Regime forces backed by Hezbollah fighters continued their assault on the rebel-held areas in Homs amid heavy aerial and rocket shelling that targeted 26 different areas. At least 27 civilians and rebel fighters were killed and dozens more were injured, the majority of whom fell in the neighborhood of Khaldiya and the suburb of Talbisa. On the other hand, the rebels killed at least 15 soldiers and bombed two checkpoints in northern suburb of Dar Kabeera.
More than 16 people were killed and dozens more were injured as a result of the indiscriminate shelling the neighborhoods of Hajar Aswad and Jobar in Damascus as well as in its provincial towns of Sbeneh, Douma and Moadmiyat al-Sham.
The rebel-held suburbs of Idlib came under heavy shelling that left at least 22 people dead, mainly in the towns of Kafaryasin, Ma’arrat Hurma, Heish, Kafarsejneh, Ma’arshourin and the village of Sheikh Mustafa. Some five more people were killed in a similar attack on the village of Salhiya in the western suburb of Deir Azzour while five more were pulled out of the Queiq River in Aleppo city.
The rebels continued to close in on the Abbasids square and bombed a checkpoint near the “Eighth of March Tower” in the district of Zablatani east of Damascus and blasted a building used by the army in the nearby neighborhood of Jobar, leaving many soldiers dead and wounded.
In the suburbs of Damascus, the rebels bombed an ammunition depot for military tanks in the town of Bloudan and two checkpoints in the towns of Sahel and Zabadani.
The rebels also bombed a checkpoint on the Misyaf Bridge in the suburb of Hama as well as the Military Security Branch in Qunaitra located between the towns of Khan Arnaba and Hamidiya.
Moreover, the rebels shot down a fighter jet in the southern suburb of Idlib and seized control of a building that belongs to the electricity authority in the Aleppo suburb of Dwereineh. They stormed a checkpoint near the Omari Mosque in central Daraa and continued to defend their positions in the Jabal Turcoman in the suburb of Latakia.
The number of Syrians who have taken refuge in neighboring countries and are seeking assistance has now topped the one million mark, half of which are children, the UNHCR said today, warning that Syria is heading toward a "full-scale disaster."

Revolution Statistics
Syrians killed: +71,205
Children killed: +4,898
Females killed: +3,893
Soldiers killed: +8,257
Protesters killed under torture: +1,555
Missing: +60,000
Protesters currently incarcerated: +200,000
Syrians injured: +137,000
Syrian refugees since March: +1,000,669
Refugees in Turkey: +185,205
Refugees in Lebanon: +332,297
Refugees in Jordan: +332,297
Refugees in Iraq: +106,697
Refugees in Egypt: +43,000

International Reactions
Arab League says members free to offer Syria rebels arms
UN: 500000 child refugees flee Syria
Arab League offers opposition Syria's seat
UNHCR: Syria refugees reach one million
Lebanon urges Arab League to reinstate Syria
UK ups Syria opposition aid, says EU must ready for more steps

Selected Media Coverage
The Economist: Keeping up appearances
Aljazeera: In pictures: Fleeing Syria for their lives
Los Angeles Times: Letters: Not helping in Syria's war
Al-Arabiya: Hezbollah's overt interference in Syria
Middle East Voices: SYRIA WITNESS: Running the Town of Qusayr Without Assad 

Armed Resistance
Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib: Rebel fighters shoot down a fighter jet
Damascus: Rebel fighters bomb a military checkpoint in the district of Zablatani
Idlib: Rebel fighters bombard the Qarmid military base
Homs: Rebel fighters fire mortar shells at the military academy in Waer
Raqqa: Rebels storm the state and military security branches, P2
Rukn addin: Protesters chant for freedom and demand the overthrow of Assad
Jobar: Two children die due to the intense shelling, P2
Qaboun: Regime military tanks bombard the industrial zone
Harasta: An elderly man killed by regime sniper
Damascus Suburb
Ghouta Sharqiya: Scud-type missile passes overhead
Dumayr: A mother mourns her slain son
Moaddamiyat al-Sham: A woman killed by the indiscriminate shelling
Sheikh Saeed: Residents pull out more bodies of the Queiq River
Old City: A building set ablaze due to the heavy shelling
Qadi Askar: Regime artillery shelling targets a mill
Hanano: Demonstration against the siege on the city
Karm Jabal: A mosque destroyed after been targeted by an airstrike
Aleppo suburb
Safeeera: Mosques become a fair target of regime shells
Bazzaa: A rebel fighter killed during clashes with regime forces
Old City: Regime warplane drops ordnances on the city killing and injuring many civilians, P2
Khaldiya: Regime shelling leaves many people dead and wounded
Dar Kabira: Regime shelling leaves many people dead and wounded, P2, P3
Ghanto: Regime intense shelling causes several casualties
Taiba: Smock billows from the village as a result of the heavy aerial bombardments
Naima: Funeral procession of a rebel fighter
Herak: Funeral procession of a female fallen hero killed by a sniper
Daraa Balad: The city comes under heavy aerial bombardments
Latamna: A civilians critically injured after been hit by shell shrapnel
Kafrenbouda: The devastating aftermath of the heavy shelling
Aleppo Road: Demonstration in solidarity with cities under attack
Kafersajna: Regime shelling leaves many people dead and wounded
Sheikh Mustafa: Regime airstrikes causes several casualties and stir panic among civilians
Khan Sheikhon: Regime rocket launchers bombard the town
Naqeer: Smock billows from the village due to the indiscriminate shelling
Deir Azzour
Hamidiya: The devastating aftermath of heavy shelling
Tayana: Funeral procession of a rebel fighter who died during clashes with regime forces
Salihiya: Regime indiscriminate shelling leaves many people dead and wounded
Hawiqa: Clouds of smoke billow from the neighborhood as a result of the heavy shelling
Demonstrations and Activities Abroad
UK: Humanitarian aid campaign for the disaster-stricken people of Syria

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