Research Fellowships

In light of the current events in Syria, SRCC has launched a call for research papers to support innovative, multi-disciplinary, rigorous and high-quality research in the field of transitional governance. The research is policy-focused and will be used by the transitional government, civil society groups and activists in Syria as sources of knowledge and information.

The competition is open to all individuals and organisations with an interest and desire to contribute to Syria's future. Submissions can come from anywhere in the world, but only concept notes in Arabic or English will be reviewed.

SRCC invites submissions that address the following focus areas:

  1. Rule of Law: Judicial, constitutional and legal reform including election laws, separation of powers, political participation, freedom of the press, human rights laws and constitutional courts system reforms.
  2. National Reconciliation: Developing a process for national reconciliation, fact-finding investigations on crimes committed during Assad's rule and during the revolution and issues related to transitional justice and crimes against humanity.
  3. Armed Forces and Security Services: Restructuring the armed forces, security agencies' breakdown, reintegration of security agents and militarised loyalists and setting accountability standards for security services.
  4. Economic Development: Addressing a wide range of economic issues including poverty, unemployment, trade agreements, FDI, transparency, labour laws and investment.
  5. Political Development and Civic Education: Building a vibrant civil society, social media and its role in building a democratic society and other areas as well as developing political parties and accountability of public servants.
  6. Foreign Policy: Reforming the foundations of Syria's foreign policy with regard to regional and international relations including the peace process. Redefining Syria's regional positioning as well as its outlook.
  7. Energy Sector Policies: Reforming oil, natural gas and electricity sectors as well as transportation, ports, operations, trade and energy policies for traditional and green sources.
  8. Health System Reform: Reforming public health policy and laws governing medical practice and services, improving service delivery at public and private medical facilities, providing high-quality care according to international standards and implementing universal health coverage for citizens.
  9. Education System Reform: Reforming the educational system, including university undergraduate and graduate programmes to match international standards. Improving curriculums, infrastructure and teaching methods.
  10. Water and Agricultural Policy: Water governance, managing Syria's limited water sources through demand and supply approaches, regional water politics, trans-boundary water issues, improving food production, reforming agricultural subsidies, building new rural institutions and support for farmers, developing adaptation and mitigation approaches to climate change.
  11. Environment: Reforming environmental protection policies, setting standards for industrial and commercial emissions from factories and vehicles, promoting policies of "reduce, reuse, and recycle," setting national standards for research, preservation and promoting a culture of environmental awareness.
  12. Tourism: Restructuring the tourism sector within the national interest and within fair economic practices, refurbishing historical sites, protecting national architecture and historical artifacts, and tourism marketing.


Submission Process

  1. Submit a brief concept note—not to exceed two pages—with your resume/CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The policy paper guidelines can be downloaded on this page.
  2. The concept notes will be peer reviewed by SRCC's research team and approved or rejected based on quality, feasibility, and potential policy impact.
  3. Once approved, the proponent will be required to sign a contract that commits him or her to complete the first draft of the paper within four to six weeks, depending on the field of research.
  4. The paper will be peer reviewed and the proponent will have one month upon receiving feedback to revise the paper, based on the comments of the reviewers.
  5. Researchers will also be requested to draft three policy analysis articles, related to their paper, between 800 to 1,000 words in length. The articles will be released prior to the research paper and will highlight the importance and relevance of the research.
  6. After final review and editing, the policy paper and the articles, will be published by SRCC in both Arabic and English.
  7. Authors will be compensated.


The Centre

The Strategic Research and Communications Centre (SRCC) was founded in 2010 to provide high-quality research and media services to governments, academic and research institutions, media outlets, civil society groups and individuals interested in Syria today and its future. It conducts and supports research and provides information, analysis and commentary on Syria. SRCC has already produced a series of innovative studies examining the political and socio-economic challenges in Syria such as poverty, unemployment and social and political repression.

We thank all applicants for their interests and we will ONLY contact those proponents whose background and quality of submission best match the criteria of the award. For more information about this call, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .