About Transitional Period Policy Research Programme

In light of the current changes and challenges in Syria, SRCC launched a research and policy-oriented programme to revisit the related issues within the transitional research field in order to be a primary resource for the new transitional government, civic groups and activists. The SRCC will convene the most important indigenous stakeholders to formulate policy recommendations and implementation strategies, serve as a platform for dialogue about competing approaches and publish papers that outline the impending transition of power after President Bashar al-Assad vacates the office. The programme focuses on the following areas: rule of law, national reconciliation, armed forces, economic and political development, foreign policy, energy, health, education, water and agriculture, environment and tourism.

Policy Analysis

Articles provide insight on important existing policies and needed changes that address the same topics as a policy paper. They highlight areas of importance in future policies for Syrian stakeholders.

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Other Publications 

Provide research-based policy analysis on social, economic and political affairs in Syria that was pre-march 15, 2011 before the revolution that changed circumstances. After the revolution began, SRCC launched the transitional period policy research programme that can be seen in other relevant sections.

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Special Reports 

Answers questions on pressing matters of relevance to Syrian political, economic and social affairs. The purpose is to provide research-based analysis and inspire national debate.

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Policy Papers 

SRCC publishes policy paper as part of the transitional period policy research programme to address reforms needed in 12 focus fields and provide policy makers and stakeholders with policy recommendations that are fact-driven.

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