Best tips when selecting recording microphones

Most individuals who have home studios are always keen on getting the best quality recording microphones. The market has many options for recording microphone, and the choices may be a bit overwhelming for any potential buyer. Some of the models available in the market are very expensive; however, the pricier an item is not necessarily a show of quality. To avoid getting a misfit microphone for your usage, it is advisable to do extensive research to ensure you land the best microphone to cater for your needs and price. Below are factors to consider when choosing best recording microphone;

USB microphone

usb microphone

This is a plug then play kind of microphone. The USB Microphone has a built-in preamp and an analog to digital converter. You are therefore not required to buy a different preamp or mixer and plug-in one’s computer. Setting up a USB Microphone is very trouble-free and cheap. However, there is also the proper condenser in the market which has a superior quality to the USB Microphone. The USB Microphone is suitable for low quality work, however, as a user you may also learn about a mixer and a preamp.

Condenser opposed to dynamic

The market also has the condenser and the dynamic microphone. It is advisable to buy both at the same time. However, this is dear. If one is on a budget, the condenser is more preferable, and one should start with purchasing that one. The condenser microphone is suitable for use in acoustic instruments and vocals. The disadvantage of condenser microphone comes when recording from a very loud music source.

Dynamic microphone

If one is planning to record loud music, then one should get hold of the dynamic microphones so that they can handle the SPL. Notably, so the condenser microphone is the best for vocals, the dynamic microphone is the best when one is doing an instrumental recording like guitar riffs from a cranked amplifier.

Ribbon mics

ribbon mic


The ribbon microphone is a highly professional microphone. However one should consider buying one if they have an appropriate analog to digital converter. A preamp and a low end mixer do not capture the full essence of this microphone. One needs to handle the ribbon microphone with lots of care. The ribbon microphone is highly recommended if for professional use and set-up. It is highly recommended that you get a condenser. The condenser is far much better than any of the USB microphones in and the dynamic microphones.