Advantages of using fiber cables

A fiber cable is used to send data by pulses of light. They are usually covered with plastic. The plastic is meant to shield the cable from any kind of cold, heat or other forms of wiring and also the highly harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. They are very effective for faster data transmission than any other commonly utilized wires such as copper wires, the reason being that the cables have a higher bandwidth. Below are some advantages of using fiber cables:

Power loss is less and helpful


This is one of the major factors of optic fibers. They have a considerable amount of less power loss, and this really helps in longer transmission distances which are an essential function of these cables. When we compare the transmission distance measurement when it comes to copper, the distance is 100m, and whereas when it comes to the other options being discussed about fiber, their transmission distance rises to a whopping 200m.So you can see the range between the two transmission distances and how the less power loss offers the benefit of longer transmission.


Size of the optic fibers wins over the copper wires again

Once more a comparison is carried out between the two cables of distinct materials, this time concerning the size of the two. When measuring the capacity, it is seen that the optic fiber cable has 4.5 times as much capacity as the wire cable is established to have. It has also been noted that the cross sectional area is 30 times less. When it comes to the size, we find out that the wire with a bigger cross sectional area and size easily beats the one with a lesser margin.

Security should be the first priority

fghcvghghvvhOf course, when it comes to wires, you should be a step ahead in terms of security. Optical fibers are once again the preferred choice in this case because they are hard to tap. Because they have the benefit of not radiating electromagnetic energy, it is not possible to intercept the emissions. As you require a much-crafted skill in the tapping step of the fiber especially if your agenda is to do it physically, this fiber is said to be the safest and secured medium to utilize when it comes to the transmission processes of the data. So there you have it, the information provided above provides some of the major advantages of the optic fiber cables and why you should prefer it to copper wires.…