Various Types of Audio Converter Software


There are many types of audio converter software available for downloading. These programs are designed to change the format of audio files. These programs differ regarding the rate of conversion speed, advancement and their mode of operation. Some common audio formats include AVI, MOV among others. The programs are always downloaded from there respective designer websites. For instance, if you need to download Freemake audio converter you need to visit their website, that is, This software is helpful when your audio does not ply on your music app; you only need to convert it to a format that is supported by your favorite app.

This is an online audio converter that you can use to convert files to different formats. You do not need to download the converter. You are only required to upload the audio file you want to convert so that it can work. This converter can convert more than one audio file. When you upload your files, you need to choose the output format from the list that is provided on the converter. The output file is downloaded individually or as a zip file. However, this audio converter works only on specific operating systems that support modern web browsers.


VSDC audio converter

This type of audio converter is compatible with all the windows operating system limiting the users of other operating systems. It is a simple software; it is not cluttered with unnecessary buttons. All you need to do is upload the audio file you want and enter its URL for an online file. When you choose the format tab on the interface, you will be prompted to select a format then click start conversion button. Conversion with this program is fast compared to others because upload and download time is short.

Freemake audio converter

This type of audio converter allows more than 50 import formats. It also converts up to eight output formats, making it more convenient when you consider the compatibility of audio files. However, this program has a slow upload speed, and therefore it is not good for a user with a couple of files to convert, it will take longer. This software has a batch convert feature, you can have a queue of multiple files, and you can leave the software running as you concentrate on other important work.

Audial tune bite platinum

This audio converter is only compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10; it does not work with Mac operating system. The convert has impressive features like the streaming content recorder that can record audio form streaming services like Spotify. It can record online radio station and convert the files into the smaller mp3 format. It also organizes your files separately and sorts by artist or song title.


Mediahuman audio converter

This is an audio converter with the minimal interface without any complicated or advanced options. It is easy to use because all you do is drag and drop audio files directly to the program. It provides multiple formats to convert. However, the advanced option is in the setting and hidden because they are unnecessary.


What to understand about VPN speed


It is important to consider the speed of a VPN. Many people view it as a determining factor when making decisions on whether to use a VPN in the first place. When it comes to the internet, speed matters a lot. For example, most people would prefer using netflix vpn because it is faster. It does not matter if a VPN provides improved security online and if it can help with getting around blocked content, the whole experience will not be ideal if the service provided is slow. Here are some factors that can influence a VPN’s speed and how to mitigate them.

Location of the VPN server

vpn server

Establishment of a connection with a VPN server near your area will result in better speed. The reason is that the complexity of internet traffic rises as there is an increase in distance between you and the VPN server. The VPN speed is slower, when the traffic is more complex and when there is a great distance that data has to travel.

If you have no good reason to connect to a specific VPN location, the best option is to pick the one that you are closest to.

Protocols of the VPN

A VPN connection can be established using different protocols. The most common ones include SSTP, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN (over UDP or TCP). With equality in everything else, every protocol can result in a different speed of VPN. For instance use of OpenVPN over UDP results in a connection that is faster compared to OpenVPN over TCP.

If you have issues using a particular protocol, switch to a different one to see if the speed of your VPN improves.

Level of encryption

Often, a stronger encryption is more complex, and as a result, can slow a VPN. In most cases, a 128-bit encryption leads to a connection that is faster than a 256-bit encryption. The disadvantage is that the VPN connection security will be reduced, and the data that is transmitted will be more vulnerable if the encryption strength is lowered.

You can decide to play around with the levels of encryption, and if you do not see the speed of weaker encryptions improving, you should instead stick to versions that are stronger.

VPN server load and bandwidth

The power of the VPN server will significantly affect the speed. A bandwidth which cannot keep up with the demand of overloaded servers results in an experience that is much slower.

The software of the client you are using for connection of a VPN service usually shows how much bandwidth and the number of IP addresses in a server. The server is more powerful when those numbers are high. Sometimes the clients also show real-time usage. If you are connected to an overloaded server, you can always switch to a different one.

The setup of the network

wifi speedThe VPN speed can be significantly affected whether your device has a physical connection to a router, is on a wired network or using WiFi. The relevance of this distinction is if you have a connection that is fast to the outside world. Often, a wired connection is faster than WiFi, and because of that, the latter can be a limiting factor.You can plug your computer into the router directly to see if the speed improves.

Note that not all VPN providers are made equal. The speed and reliability they provide may be different.…